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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the party with a ra thzor-inar m oginver be srniersande. > >>zinew ka th e fstir cfionedrm ca fse o sllexuay an trtesmitkad zi in e th au.s.nd questions over whether the vusir n caecaus paralysis in ad tsul. so mcial edia mu .rder g younegcollude stents ac d cusehein tth dea of a 13-year-old girl. was sheur ledo ter h at delih onne? >> d > antmnighatare ,0 10ee00 ft. a mveassie hol ru edpturth in dee si of a plane irmida. a hroarngwice sne in side theab c ains ss parsengece bra for an me eenrgcyan lngdi. "n htig nlys"eweg bs in righnot w. a >>ncnnoufrer: bcom n wsneor wld ad hetequarn rs inew yo thrk, iss inb "c gh ninetly news" ws wi thes lter .holt > >> egoodngveni. er th se isbiome agnd igintr nuingtoew sry li innes r theaceor f pr enesidnit toght af ioter otwa vers re flshufheed te. rac e ther jweretwust o nn wi oers,urf co se, atbut st lea twice th anat m y ct visoory-ngundi
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ni s ght'ltresus, fo edllow byhe tad m niover dghtash to new hampshire. ted cruz arriving with ura seprisl taiin wd te afr dngefyi the po lls to dtefeaal dond um trp. rc mabio ruo, ase clo ouen tghrdhio tadd a newyn damico t the ce ra. r fodethe atmocrt s, i rawas zor oscle, but iothe emwa dtiocrac rt pasy haec ddlare ll hiclary n intothe wi onner bverniere ndsas,erho ws i ll caiting a valirtu e. ti nethe mpw hae shir arprim wy, afreek om to t,night jusa got e wholmolot re in sttereing. le st'starth wit t he -tcruzrumpdl hea ine haand llie ckjason. ll heo, llhaie. >> or rep hter:i, st leer. th ene cter oef th tipolicalve uni hrseas if shheted esre lhas tn h 24 aours ifterowa se t aor recdit wh 50% rmoreliepubcans uc cag usin ethanver rebefo. w, not' i ns ew mp hae'shirrns tuh wit me soan cdidates under pr t noeduso t longsi. >> e' w grengoio tin w. we go're toing s wino ch mu. r >>teeporonr: dald tr fumplyinal d,di y todangmakiea hesdlin th wi the wnginnito sry
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>>ha wt a vryictot las ni ght. r>>orepr:tee' hs deploying the sa me rastgyten indwim,ha ne mpw hae,shirhe as d di nearwim,ndha wa io. ak shtse lo of ndhas. 'm>> i aal loc vo eeluntthr wi theed t cruz mpca.aign ep>> rr:ortee maklots ofal cls and take on na dold trump. d >>d onalptrum was ngsayiry eve dayha t t ias w f hisd,rient tha ovhe lede mnoand w m i'anpg afrhoncr baby. ti do dhinkreiffences onbssue,tanct' thas fa ir mega. ep>> rr:orte our erconvonsatiin comg st juer aftz' crus ct vispory leechast t,nighch whimp tru da toamy slfomed r be toing o ,longoo t amflyabo, ntkitang a to erne vyif dntfere hfromis gouracines o st laht nig. a >>nd ian wt to ng colaratuedte td, an i wtano tgr conatatule l alof the idincreble candidates. r >>teeporrur: towmp n ewin nps ham whirehere he ds lea d byeoubl di .gits edhis ge here, more in nddepevoent ,ters an dew fer ev liange.cals cra iaucgrl p ourfo icruzwan io. d anby thee tim new shhampvoire tes es tu tday,'srump
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th s e deesmoinat deb e nmayotes reonat ym anore. >> th anycaing ppn haen ca beneuse mpw hairshe vo rsteea ry llkemap u eithmir ondnha tt nafiwel enekd. r >>teeporhir: wle cr opuz ho es te fram athiss a onone--one du onel, ent poiin behd tr inump a iowas w o marcbiru ao,tr sgon th i>>'tsnhi ta s rethmae-ran nce?ow is>> l tten,s hat' g goine to bo up tthe rsvote. ha i ove t s'may i us am aedlit enstg into the media talki ng ouabwht aatn im espr tsive phirdlace ni fish. >> or rep bter: nut aew at stane menes a w ce raw , no ojustne week away. llha jieksac,onbc n ne ,ws windham, new ha ep>> rr:ortes thiis ga utbe gezierr co rive tngheio rub aicampgn. ra hrelyas t a hird e placshfinit felso mu ch like a viy.ctor to maday rurco bio fo htugo t keep that memoumnt. >> 'l isel yoe inu he t rnmog,in ias wtn' inkiddg. >> reporter: thanks to a ground game that situated undecided rsvotebi, ruo teshat eredtaxpecstion i in sowa,ngurgi iont the top three of the blrepu fican.ield hi>> t ts isomhe ment th aiey suld woved ner enhapp. r >>orepr:tend a giemers ng atheir fst
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he>> tldy to meha tt h we naveonc chae because my hair wastn' gr noay eanugh d my s bootwere too high. >> reporter: even po g llin5%at 1 y,et he ra inked a sisurpring %, 23t jusne o rc pegeentant poi hi berund tmp. >> ar so u e yorethe al ta eshmblisent ca atndidree he? i >>nk thipl peoe always use that terminology. vei'ad ho tn ru aiagt nse th ta eshmblisent. th aiat s wd, itoant if une y thy.part r>>orepr:teow nhe t qu ties ionhos muw ch twillhat es istablthmenal r ly behind him, or will nodo srspoup orterth idcand?ates y,todais chrtotie ok bi ruado he on. >> hi ts isn't the st enudcot ciunl el onectier, evy.ybod ithis es aniolectn r foidpresofent the edunitte stas. t' let s gebothe y in buthe obblef ut othe bu .bble from christie. t>> i ihink bt'seen a h touglecoups day for ch s rid anr fomeso of th hee otr .guys >> or rep rter: ubio lalsongookit pasnew ha irmpshe. nfcoenid ace mndy tr inust co mario rub. >> ancnnouaning do enenrsemrot fm the h soutlicarona se r.nato ub>> ranio wo ts tmake th see cane in w
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alappere to icpublans de mo srate.tate haso ts t'how he wants to it posion mshielf as the -cantiruz. >> or rep mter:any an tsalys are st gyrate r for.ubio e if hshfinies third owin ieca, sheond re in h newhiampsre, and t firsouin sth ca naroliat, thld cou t beoshe mikt lyel tpathso hi st leer. >> be gaha, tnk u.yo thfor ede atmocrs, it wa es thse closte rac orhisty. t so,ight 'siowa de atmocraric pidty d t noardecllle hiary cl nintohe t nnwier, d anby a narrow ma , rginl untilate th is teafn.rnoo be srniersande n hasot d ruleout cstonteing th une cot. mpcas aignrecoved ar st wtingith c'nbs ep>> rr:orte in new shhampire today, ll hiclary n intowas disounring tanumpht. i >>m a so tlehrild th 'mat i cgomin toew n shhampireer aft r >>teeporutr: b the k staritreal ay isfter ar stting out 40 points
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wi ath razor-thin victory. >> tails. t>>lsai. >> ep rteor ir:evt en oktooi cton esss to ge ert thnde, a the le des gate bwille rt viyuallve enly li spt. in cltoton teday gllin nb mschc's ris hemattshws, se wa evrelit ed a the omoutce. e >>boveryaidy s d if e ther awere big rn tuout, twohat uld ad agvantnae setor sa s.nder e thera was big tu t,rnou w andn.e wo r >>teeporutr: b the wa iora entponce ll re s vealher ak weesness. on ameg th esbiggert, h cr hius dngeaeftmo ang unyog vorste, linosg emth by 84 to 14. >> hy wre aou yng tevo grsngoior f ndsas?er ydo uouerndanstthd at dy minac? >> an c youg hann oa se ?cond yocan ue mov ?back v >>ote for me. i'llak bren dowhe t bi g banks, taxhe t mi nallio.ires ep>> rr:orteer aft ue sqg akina out inwin ,iowant clison iow n so ngundie morlike sa s.nder k>> ithnow e at wcan shfini the job of
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ve co frageveor ery wman,,oman andil chd. r >>teeporher: sow's n yi tro ng trlowe ctexpensatioe herin hanew irmpshere whe nd sa fers,rom hbneigg orinonvermt, ha dos a duble igit , leadnghopi her anhusbhod, w wase onc the come back here ll wip heler h avoid at le toast g o bia fe deat. eaandr tcmi,hell nbc , newsnew mphae.shir >> or rep iter:as'm kie hu itnt w thhede sanrs mpcagnain iw ne mphairsh we,rehe ey thho're ping to turn io omwa mmentu intois h fi 20rst ic16 v tory tnextayuesd. l >>niast ght, we be thgan eol palitic re tivoluoton nt jusn i ,iowa nott jusn i new ha irmpshe, but all ov ers thi coy.untr r >>teeporanr: sders iccritg izintoclinn te afisr thme comnt st laht nig. i>>m a a pgrrosies ve gewho tsng thison de r folepeop. r >>teeporor: d you in thllk hiclary n into pis aesrogr?sive om>> se ,days ce exhept wen sh an cenounats th shes i aro pud moderate, and enth g issuehe s n'sot a ogprssreive. r>>orepr:te the
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ne mars is tinhe iowa ca esucus,hi wch the ca gnmpais saywas an ngythi a buts. los i >>okt lokes li we e arin a valirtu e.ti >> or rep ater:diccorng e toncntrae llpos, th erat panformasce w we pobyred ir fimst-te uc caoeus-gwhrs, woent r fo him59%o t%.37 bu ost thels polo als ashow steepha cgellen for sas.nder diowaraemochots w are mo stce conrnedbo aut ic whndh caeidat can wi nn inbeovemrac bked hi y llartoclinn by0 6 po .ints he>> tyy sa ie lik you iebernwa, i o nt tvote fo u,r yo but ius jt do thn't yoink nu ca win. we i ll, k thin that y todaoowe tk aia gnt st o ep terovcome that nd kido of t.ub r>>orepr:tet iswa a wh lwird inghnifot r sa ernds. a eyred lie fght to w neshhampwhire ere rehundf ds oorsuppters ierallr d foathim i5:00e n thinmorng. w >>tihat mes i ?it it 's amg.azin ep>> rr:orteth anoer si gnf oha tt th ensmusiate, afs r hi chspeet last,nigh rn beanie s rdersdaise over $1 iomilln.
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k >>,asieth .anks s let' tturno chuck ,todd nbcew n s tipolidical orrect and ramodeoftor et "me the pr "ess. k,chucha wt itmpac ll wit last nighveha? >> ink thi now we see ifa sh tt inheur bden of of pro on nd caieidacs. i in towa,urhe bofden oo prsf wado on nald p trumhiand y llar toclind n ancrted uz. crted uzse pasd his .test arhilliny clbaton rely edpass t herest. w no tthathe bnurde of oo prfhi s tftsos b bsz an nad doruld tmp. iebernde sanndrs a na doruld tmp hhaave d ub doigle deait ln ds i hanew irmpshr e fo s.week thnow avey h we toin he re. we hill, y llartoclinn gh mivet hait a ltle bi mt oftuomenhem, t in cl htonsdoave ne we n ll ihanew irmpshe t inashe pndt, a now nowe kerw evngythi ul co td ben hrowup in heto t o aire n th blrepu sicanofide in thgs. so hi i thank ttht's e g bigechane hers i ensuddly muinst-w st fatesor srsande and um trp. c >>, huckk thanyou. > >>etherre a aai pr ofub tro nlingew de pmvelo ientsen th zi irka v ouseautbrk. ordoct ts in.she u. e arrtrepothing e fi knrst caown f se o vithe berus ing
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il whe in azbril, pe exarrts e tgryin to te dee rminhewhete r th s virud coulinbe lked to ar a rnde con itio cthatsause pysaralis duin alts. nb rec's ehemallis re s portfrom brazil. >> reporter: mquososit are the primy arway the zika virus is an trtesmitutd, bay tod the cdc crmonfiedhe t rs fiset caui acq bredy alsexuon ctactn i s.texa ras at,esul the cdc te nblls wsc ne itl wil w noe issu naew ad ryvisos thi ekwe. f >> ina maes com ba ck,s get sickh wit ka zid , anthenas h xu sental iurercose wi wth awhhom os i napregr nt obemay pr ntegnath, e er tishe th reeocatiril tskhat n womad coul then mebecoec infwited th ka zi. r >>teepors r: athheal of alficiuds sty tr isansm, sioncdthe c lsis aoes invtitigang otr heouseris esilln zsesika may ca buse,deyon ocmicrlyepha in ba .bies in brilaz,7- 2aryeld-o gdave iomezs vereco fringmro sdeudn paralysis he wokep u
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ha vinga zikik le tosympms. he d wasosiagnited wh il gu-blain arre rosynda me, ararend te pollntiay fe liea-thrngteni ta atn ck onethe s rvou emsystus, caing lyparasis. lidebingtati o butften tr bleataite, whlo bod ce nfll insusio and icphysheal t.rapy as>> lt ,year weav he 55 secas. hi>> ts nloeurogist ys sat' thas foures tim gh hihaer trmn notal a hoher alspit. u yok thintheik za ru vis ison cednect twithhe symendro? y >>abes, tesoluly. ho>> wt's a risk? ve>> edyrybo. >> reporter: the cdc n is otheun gro d in ilbrazok, loining to th sse po libleink. >> re we'ng doitu a sdy w son e carmdeteifine er tha e's tirelandon a o,if sch whieo pple moare t st askri. >> 'r youyie saeng h d coulisbe ddable for th ste rehi of s feli? >> >> this 59-arye -old erfarmra, pad lyzerfo mo a winth th laguilarin-bre sy mendroow, shnoing si ofgns ov recasery ntscie riststoace e solvthis ldunfoing me ldica ermysty.
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,news cirefe, br.azil uc>> mh ofs thi un coistry er und ve sereth weahrer teat th is evg.enin lepeop u are nder ut so50h w4lii8 bd zzar itcondionson ce tinuto un poe d thnsplai in th e esmidwt. s nbc'bjaco rnasco is in the threat zone. ep >> r torter:he ma e wissiv sntertorm elpummheed twe midst an aid plblns, rdizza co ionditnns iow ia and be ndyo. . snow e mayb osomeef th wo t rsncsie 20-2089.00 ep>> rr:ortein 11 ches of w snohein t hyeawke at ste. mo re than a foot in locodora. an ind eb nraska, where whiteo cutdionstion ok chored mane th 100 miles of interatste 80 i, 15snche of snow. airports scrambling to ep ke up. lynear 2 million americans under iz bl wzardngarni ni towight 1 th 2 iomill rn atfoisk r severe storms. e >> wd coul havewind, , haileven tornadoes datoy. >> o, g go, go. r >>teeporatr: le y,todart staling images, a monster rntooad brearngliow dn
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g >>et theo ter wat we tor. r >>teeporepr: r orts to oernadd s angedama to homes, a church and co a ellegn iba alama dan ssmisiisi.pp rntoo adtcwas heomfr lo siuia anto in mpmehis,ki parng alotsnd teintirsecons defloo d innumites. an mee,whil in nn peansylva ia, bold pr tiedicon. >> re thes io nha sdow to be cast. anar ely spring isy m >> ep rteor or:y nle th 18 ttheim punxsutawney ph hilas notee s hnis ad shinow shece tat le 00 18s. an thd wi enol ni gibrinemng ttuperares up to 2de5 eegrsbo ave agaverne, aly ear ri sps ng itno out of th ese qu.tion fobut ilr mslion of ameranict s, itcan' come early en.ough toand t nighstthe orm is th on vee moh wit renew sport of rn tos adoetoand o rnad gedamain comg in by mithe , nutedan the th oreatf rntos,adoe gh lig,tninl, hai and da ngmagiin wds co uentinnis toanght d to inor tomforow r mi ioll onsf erams.ican erlest. >>ac jobas rcon
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cedomniail bl cosby appeared in co t urdatofoy hir s first hearing in the criminal case against him. cosby is accused of druggi angndex syuall ulassating aom wan in 0420. th foe errmis dictrt attorney who declined to ur pesuha cesrgn i e the casac bkn i0520 testieiftod day. he said thecc aerus ha crd ibeditily suis,es but heo als sa eys hpo sup trtshe cideonsiow n to os pre ecuty.cosb e thnsdefente wa tshe case dismissed. >> il> steal ah d ni to tght,rehey' ac d cuseof aho sg ckin im cre. ira pa ofgi virnia ch tede stuchnts d arge hein tli kilng of a ea13-yd r-ol.girl itwhy ai's r nsingew ncconserbo a tuthe ng daofers ia socl a.medi also terrifying moments indesi the n cabienwh aug he heol biswnlout of oe th
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irmida. > >>stinveorigatves ha re edleas d newlsetai heof tck shomuing rder of aea13-yd r-olgirl ininvirgia. ch d argehein te cas a are opairfna teege st tsudenm froinvirgia , techthand eres i ch muce conrnve ort wha srolel ociaa medimay ha adve h t inhe e.crim snbc'an jetha smlian pl ex.ains r >>teeporher: tri gef ckstrioten m oherf co nile monadis veloll, nglivi the agunimleinab. n >>eicol tedouchan my pe oplehr tououghter h or sht life. r >>teeporr: thauitors ienitot gh y sa13the r--yeaold wa s sedtabb to atdeh, thand ene conn ctioto tw o psiromiolng clege freshm fenm roinvirgia ch terg cha iedn her mu rderay me b sl ocia di mea. e then sevrath gwader s
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a bofaceokor fum ll caeeed tn dg atinand fl ngirti. e tht nighshe ppdisad,eareol nice re edportlywe shod a fr iendex trots fm an 18 r--yeamaold nhe s s waup sd poseeeto mt. ey the camon a me inssagpg aple cald ck ki. w >>lle wi notet l is thle vionce define us . r >>teeporolr: pice sa yye 18-ldar-oid dav ei ausenha er, ktrac ar stdr anng eriineeng enstudt, kpidnaped and mu edrder conile. ea19-yd r-ollinatae erkeepss wagi oriynall ch dargeh wit hngelpi m hitge ridth of e dy both, auieoritws no shsay se waol invved fo beicre nole .died >> al natiepe keers wi ell b cedhargay tod th wing bein a accessory before the fact to the rsfidet-eegrur mr deof co nile veloll. ntseveadh grener wt mi insslag wstk ee teafclr biimutng o of r heoobedrm wi.ndow boher oudy fnd0 8 s mile iawayrtn noh ro ca.lina he>> twose t di inalviduoks to my da erughtm fro this kn hyow w. wa i llnt a the informatn iocai gen t. >> ep rteor ar: fa,mily co a itmmunthy wiout sw aners,ha skeno tts i
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ja net amsh,lianbc n e'>> wacre b ak in an chilge my itar
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re ingarde g tht.draf > >>aer tinrifyg ci in adentdboar a pa gessenair pln in so malia when a huge hole was blown in the desif oe thsefugela mi irda. a sspageen crtuapdre th sce inene tsidehe bi caten afer th ru urptecc oreurdt a 10,000 feet. the plane was forced mtoe ak eanenmerg cy la g.ndin cioffisaals ly ateast o twlepeope wer cathe ofuse the pt ruisure er und veinigstioatn. >> sh> ldouou y wngenom vehao tgireerstor f e tht?draf e th otoperffics in th are amy tndhe rimas nethbo told ngcossrees yod t ay ouabtwt oon msthft aer the pentagon opened all combatos pioitns to women. en evug tho dh noftra c isnturrely in acple, stalmo y alloung men ag es 18 to5 2 are irrequoed t rteegisr
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> >>e thitwhhoe use ha nos and uncewa ne re encipirt fohe t da me hl of, onorbut e th hnavyotas n re edleasho a pf to o behim ecause' hs a mb mef er otheli ete danov c sert.l.e.a. te se cniorhief salpeci warr faira opetor wa eduyrd bers will ivreceee th medal for hisve brary in ara dma sc reisue m tsionoe fre a ancamerictn door fr heom t tanalibn i 20 12. >> en> whco we bame ck, on ar wtod ew n w horsvote m areg akin heup tir m tinds here d aheaheof ty ver t firsarprimy. nn>> aerouncbc: n gh ninetly s ws i ghbrou yt toouy b pa c cififeli. r fo ilifeannsurce an ienuitd s an stinves,mentho ceos pa ficilic .fe
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eesuccd. > >>llfinay tot,nigh w asote nted a the top heof tsc newast, the nt cef er othe li pol ticaerunivse as no ffw olliciayft shied om fra iowewto n shhampire. atsthoe s ldvethe ry fi prrst y imarhein t ti naon. wh wat'sineigh tg onhe nd mi vs ofs otere?ther skwe a oedevur kin bb titoles it vis a wn tone in mpw hae shir into ftd ou in our esseri, "we, the r >>teeporn r: ithe adsh oowthf rue edgg wh eitou maintnsit ss tt lin,leto new shhampire.
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am aeriche tto sry of po nalyan w and yhereou n calstill fee her miopti sstict pirion ma trin seet. >> s it'aos oppeetiv .mood pit'se eopl abcollinoratorg, wking to ergeth. r >>teeporutr: b li lettn tosoal brem nacesew hampshire's motto of ve lie fre or die. huat sstter candy st ore,er own jimen ald vo saisrs he rolasn a peindet nden slike ome of40% v thes oter . here he>> t gy're toingo ke ma d theioecisnn o r theiown. no tea rllylu infd ence by the crowd. >> or rep iter:e nsid henortrn lhtigs music, n damosolodn anam fily ve hahy a rthm all ei thn.r ow >> i will deecidn whe c iasty m tevo. >> or rep ster:oner ash wa hints nds cae idatto a betes in arests he is. >> h notgavinho tse ew vi dsteictad toim h by pl peooe wh are siadviimng h. he 'sly tru de inenpendt. r >>teeporutr: ble whi muchf o h newhiampsre ha res falld we outf o
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sa hy it casomero fm whardanork d cr sae.ific 'm>> i l notngooki for a ouhandt. do i wan't nynt ag thin from government, and i ntway mllfeow ne orighbfe to heel t me sa way. >> or rep ater:hart ti ru hens tal loc frame .shop il whs e hi imindse mad up s , hipeindet nden itspirs run.deep t >> aenthe td ofhe y, da theor w ildsn't a po nalyan. we o d heavo tak me ug toh sidecions. he>> tra g snitetate wi akll m ie up mtsdin iwhengot's ndod a byand ly gol, as pollyanna wod ul say, ithatmes sog thinto be d gla t.abou ke nvi bbtis,le nbc , newslitottleewn, n mp hae.shir an atd thgo is ing to it do u forsn o th ueis t nsday.ight lei'm ster .holt r foofall us at nbc ws nean, thu k yofor wa ngtchi g andood ni ght. > >>rewe ati congnuin f towollo kibreaewng nigs rowht nn o news 3e liv at0. 6:0 ometric polree aer expiniencg
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'lweell toul yat wh youee nd to owknou abt mgakin a enenmergcy .call >> ey> thk tooa lot oft hea for intakgw aay feref selki-parng. mnowgm is ceghangale vet inparkg. >> 'r> weeti getngwe ansrser aft ptwoeeoplre wele kild one th 5.21 gtoni wht, shyome sayat th rest otchfoa rd isim s tplyoo ngdaserou. al fso, tirstithe cyid d .it now the cyount wants toan b pet st foresrom sinellg aalnim tso utbou wldha ttre baak ta ste law? > >>twe s wartitht thakibreang .news trme91o's 1te sysm isn dowh rigt goveod e,ningry eveone. thyank orou fni joings. u i'im jmny s.der i >>es'm jsica me.oor > >> cyour aallsreei bng anedswer buto n wtutitho ysdela. hnjoan tresor it ou m atoetr adhetequarrs. ho ewctxaly are the 911al cls gbeindl haniged rhtow n? r >>teeporelr: whel, the sriff yssas this iis hop t pitriory
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